Top 3 Tattoo Removal

We have all heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!” I’m sure we all have heard stories about party-goers doing something they absolutely wish they wouldn’t have done the next night. A lot of the time, not only does this include getting married, but it also is getting a tattoo they never wanted! The good news is, while the story may have to stay in Vegas, at least the mistake does not have to stay on your skin forever.

A photo that shows the different phases of laser tattoo removal and the end result after 8 laser sessions.

A photo that shows the different phases of laser tattoo removal and the end result after 8 laser sessions.It’s true that tattoos are far more acceptable that they once were. It’s been confirmed that at least three in ten Americans have some sort of tattoo, and when conducting multiple surveys, usually 50% of the answers confirm that they are thinking about getting a tattoo. So, if you have made a mistake, don’t be so regretful in the first place. People won’t look at you differently just because you have a tattoo. If you’re subconscious, the best thing you can do is try to cover it with jewelry or clothing. If the tattoo bothers you and it just needs to be gone or you cannot move on with your daily life without it ruining your day, then you’re in luck because Ross Vegas Board has compiled a list of the best removal clinics.

This post is dedicated for those who are first-time Vegas visitors who have made that mistake that will make you cringe in the morning as you look in the mirror. The best news we can tell you is that while tattoos may be permanent, there are several options for you to remove them so it looks like almost nothing was there.

Dr. Khorsandi is a board certified plastic surgeon at VIP Tattoo Removal and he states, “Many people come in to my clinic with something they had no intention of ever getting. The good news for them is that with our technology advancements, we can remove what they have done.”

You may be in relief after you have read what Dr. Khorsandi said; however, we hate to break it to you that tattoo removal is not only expensive, but it might be accompanied with quite a bit of complications. Depending on the size of your tattoo, your skin color, and the color of the ink pigment used, you won’t know how successful your laser sessions will be until you schedule a consultation.
How do I Find a Reliable Laser Tattoo Removal Center in Las Vegas?

Due to the high percentage of people that come to us for advice of where to go for a tattoo removal, we have compiled a list of the best places to get your tattoo removed. Please note, the lists we provide are not based off of ratings or other reviews that can be found online. The lists is compiled based on our own experience and interacting with the locations. We only supply information when we feel absolutely confident.

1) VIP Tattoo Removal
Address: 2779 Sunridge Heights Pkwy #120, Henderson, NV 89052
Phone: (702) 659-8892

Why its #1: Anything that has to do with your body should also be handled by a doctor. VIP Tattoo Removal is one of the only places in Las Vegas that is owned and operated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Yes, it will cost more, but the extra investment will be worth it in the long run. You will get the care of a surgeon and the results that you desire. If you cannot afford to go here, then we suggest the other two listed below.

2) Anthem Secret Body
Address: 2810 Bicentennial Pkwy #130, Henderson, NV 89044
Phone: (702) 564-1982

3) Bluenote Tattoo
Address: 2275 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702) 471-6656

Anthem Secret Body and Bluenote Tattoo are both excellent tattoo treatment centers in the Vegas area. While they are not operated by a plastic surgeon, you will still get great results. Bluenote Tattoo is also open on Sunday’s, so it makes it a breeze if you are able to make it on your weekend.

Whatever the reason that you’re reading our recommendations, whether its because you got a tattoo on the whim or you were just younger, the good news is, it can be taken care of!